Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CAMBA snow ride, Duluth air show adventures

The pack took a long weekend so we could have a get-together with my Gramma and Grampa. Since it was on the way, we stopped in for a camp -n- ride adventure in Cable first!
At our favorite site in our favorite camp ground at Lake Namakagon.
Finally! We got out for a ride.
This ride included my favorite, SNOW! It was great!
That's a big one...The snow had pulled many, many trees down.
but we can roll right under it...
no problem for all-paw drive!
Ya, Arly, throw that one off. The snow broke that one too.
Snow and cool air is refreshing!
I made a new friend, Ben, who was camping near by.
After our Camping adventure, we headed for Duluth to visit Sandy's folks and see the air show with them.

The  Heritage Flight
Oh yeah, that's what I like...
On the way back home, we stopped for a romp around Wolverine Nordic trails near Ironwood MI..
Yeah, they like us 4-leggeds here.
Where we going?
This will be way more fun when we see snow again!

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