Saturday, September 29, 2012

Knock down them weeds

A group of very friendly people from Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club got together to knock a few weeds down on my favorite trails. You should know I love Maasto and Churning Rapids! They are trail mutt approved.
These guys look serious!
Sandy's getting the edge of this bridge all cleaned up.
Them bad ol' weeds are coming down!
Trim a little further to the right John.
Sue sure knows what she's doing!
Done for the day.
After a long day out in the woods and a bowl of kibble, I was tired.....

Then on Sunday afternoon Sandy, Arly and I came back to finish up that last K to Churning Rapids.
He cuts all the high branches off with this unit.

Sandy's nipping off some lower ones.

This section was choked with low branches. Gone!

Where's he going??  He must think he's done....

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