Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New dog truck here!

Every auto around this place was getting old and with high mileage.  Then yesterday a friendly fellow from Rhinelander showed up with a new truck!  Funny that the last new vehicle they had bought was back in 2002!
Ya its pretty and all,  but do trail mutts fit in it?

Maybe they plan to take it camping and doing trail work.
I do fit in it!!  I guess it will work!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day two of NCT segment 34 clearing!

Oh ya.  Josh came out to help today.  I love him!  We got at least another mile cleared today so this post will be big.
Our ready-to-work crew heads out past the trail signs.

We cross a creek that drains into a hole and shows up 30ft later.
Is there a culvert under here?

This is a logging RR grade.
We spied trees leaning in that will come down later

Ya, it's better if they come down now, while we have the saw out.

This will help the NCT stay cleared longer.

Trail mutts do stay busy out here!

Hunting is always good around here!

Josh ran a heavy duty whacker to clear the shoots
and weeds out.

Everyone is looking for future problems in the canopy.

We found this one right across the trail.

Funny that some people think pole saws can't cut much.

Arly says this hung up crown will be down today.

Just like that, we cleared this portion.

Where did this old trail marker come from?


I got hot n thirsty.

I love tannin flavored creeks!

We take a break together.

What a gorgeous valley the trail follows.

More leaners being removed

We've been out here all day, so maybe we should head back?

Everyone was getting tired.

Down in another gully and back up we go.

The fungus among us. It was soft and rubbery!

Yet another gully.

Almost back.

Some trail people got tired on the way home.

Trail mutts know all about getting tired.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Today on Spring Creek (Villi Maki clearing)

Today on Spring Creek, we cleared the landing where we hope to replace the overly low and narrow bridge that crosses it on the Villi Maki route.
Leaning and dead trees are going down.

The last one.

These are taken out because they are leaning
over the trail and are at risk to come down soon.
Plus, people will be working on the bridge here in the future.

Down and getting sliced into manageable sizes.

It's looking better.

Tools of the trail today.

The old bridge is less than 6" out of the water today.

The stick shows the new bridge height out of the water.


At the end of the day, Josh is seen cutting
 a few remaining shoots and weeds. 
The site is ready!

Day two of NCT, now our section!

After saying good-bye to the crew on South Laird road, we headed west to again camp at the North Country Trail parking lot on Gardner road.
Gee, this is the best camping site ever!
That's why we've camped here so many times.

It was soooooo nice out.

We'll be working on our section of the NCT on Sunday morning. 
We hoped to see the meteor shower tonight.

It was more of a drizzle last night, but breakfast was a hit!

It's supposed to be warm today, so we got out here ASAP.

The western side of our section needed reblazing.

Ya Sandy, let's jump across Darling Creek when you
get that one done.

We took a break here. Oh ya, I am hungry.

This is the paint kit we have with us.
Blaze and lopp was the theme today.
This creek should be just a trickle.
It's been such a wet summer!

All done and back to the car.  Now it's HOT out!

After a little break at camp, we headed out again
to whack back a grassy spot.
All done!  For the second time today.
It does look better.

Back at's been a busy, busy weekend.