Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Villi Maki clean up!

Our buddy Jason said we should help him clean up the Villi Maki trail, off of High Point Rd. in Churning Rapids.
So we're heading out there!

Looks like old debris has been left right on the edge!

Ya, we can get if picked up and moved into the woods.

Lots of overhead branches got trimmed,
so they don't lean in farther to block the trail,
and we've much improve the sight lines.

Dead ones everywhere.

Couldn't accomplish this without the trusty pole saw.
Why didn't we get a photo of Jason??

Ya, this will get hauled way off the trail.

Now the young shoots get knocked down.

Looking better!

Sandy takes the maple shoots right off with her heavy string whacker.

Interesting lopping technique here.

Oh ya.

More to be taken out.

We bumped into Wes and his mutts!

Oh good, we can wrestle some!

Back to work, its looking much better.

We just about got the whole gorge top cleared now.

So far the three of us have around 60 hours into this project.

OK Josh, that's enough for today.
Let's head for home.

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