Thursday, August 3, 2017

Oh how I love friendly people!

Oh ya, I've had some excitement here and frankly, I've not had much of that lately.
Rory and Cameron called me over. Here I am!

They were in their jammies!

We all had fun together.
They are tumbling down the slope in my yard. Why do they do that?

Violet joined in too! They threw the ball for me.

Later, Marilyn and Don stopped in, just to see me!

They have been cycle touring since May.
They are the first tourist to stay with us this summer!

They told me about some of their adventures. Can I come along?

In the morning, they had to pack up to get to their next adventure location. 
Hey, don't leave without me!!

Oh ya Marilyn, no one ever scratches me good like that.

Can't I come along? I do love an adventure!

Don't forget anything.

Especially that! I'm ready...

See the Colorado license? They are all the way from Denver.

Bye-bye! I'm so glad you stayed here and seen me.

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