Sunday, August 6, 2017

Another NCT clearing adventure!

I thought another North Country Trail clearing adventure was in the works when I seen tools and camp supplies were being loaded.
They didn't take the ski box this time.
There wasn't much room left for me!

What a glorious evening to be camping on Gardner RD.
NOAA says our low will be in the 40's.
Can I snuggle with you guys?

The next morning it was quite cool.

We went for a little hike on this newly made logging RD.

We also hiked a snippet of the NCT, east of Gardner Rd.
The trail skips over this creek.

See the blue slash marks?
This area will be thinned  by loggers this fall.

Now let's cook up our favorite camp breakfast!

First grapefruit to get things started...

Then, I smelled bacon! 
Seems they're having pancakes too.

Now we gotta get ready to get to work.

OK, now we're hiking in to the section
we need to clear dead-falls from.

It rained Friday night so
plenty of water is flowing here.

Finally on the trail, we head west clearing brush.

What trail are we on??  I can't read.

Oh oh, this is a big one across the trail.

No problem for the trusty pole saw!

Making the 2nd cut.

All better!!

And more

and more yet.


Oh gee another one.
We might have removed a dozen today

The rotten ones seen in the background,
lying in the dirt, got left,  to avoid damaging the chain.

But anything off the ground was made hike-able again.

I inspected the blazes too.
This one is OK but I found lots that need refreshing.
 Should be another chance to camp at Gardner Rd!

This little stream is normally just a trickle at this time of the year.

Darling Creek is up, really up, hard to cross,
and about 4ft deep.  I think they need a bridge here.
I of course swam across. It was refreshing!

We finally reached the end of our section!
This is on top of the decent to the
Middle Branch of the Ontonagon river

We are so happy to have cleared this section.
We spent over 8 hours on it today. 
We've done around 200 hours on our section this year.

Back at camp, I fell right to sleep.
Ya 10yo dogs do that after a busy, busy day like we had.

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