Sunday, January 29, 2017

Heikinpaiva parade fun!

It's been a busy weekend for trail mutts, including a parade and romps around the Maasto trails.
The KNSC crew. And some Sons of Norway!
You know I don't get out to socialize much.

I romped from kid to kid during it.
This is Spring creek in Churning Rapids.

The sun was out, and it snowed hard.  The lake does that ya know.

Snow and trails, have been excellent! I recommend them.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Warm day, deep snow romp!

Another great snow adventure was had this morning.   All-paw drive worked great but the two leggeds used their BC skis.   We parked at Tomasi TH and headed down the gorge 1st.
The more conservative trail mutts, will use the bridge.

Oh dear, I could fall in and forget how to swim!!

Oh, maybe it's only a few inches deep.

That might be, but I'm getting off!

Ooh, a scary snow bridge.

Made it! I'm so glad I didn't fall in and get washed away! 
We has such a nice spring like weather romp today.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A busy day on trails and at CC Sports.

I spent the day with Arly, since they had a crew doing interior work at our place and didn't want me there.  Why would that be?
I started the day at the grade school in Hancock. 
From here I could watch for kids.  You know I love them!

Now I'll look here for some.

I'll watch by the snowman. 
I didn't see any kids while they made ski tracks here.

Next we went to Cross Country Sports in Calumet.

I found some here!  
Ya, you can hug me.  I do like that.

Chuck showed up!!
He got new ski boots while I made new friends.
No one ever rubs me good.

I had a busy day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Twin Lakes ski trail check

We needed to travel to Rhinelander WI today and on the way back, we stopped at Twin Lakes to ski those trails.
Hey! It was even groomed today.
Usually we get here for our first ski of the season,
since they are the deep snow spot of Houghton County.

Snow was good, as usual.

I'm fast where as they are slow on those skis!

The sun even came out today.

Me and Arly checked the snow depth. It was luxurious!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Spring Creek canyon snow.

Arly got away from work at noon today and promptly took a nap.  I recommend them!  Late in the afternoon they loaded the car with back country skis and we headed up the canal to the Spring Creek canyon.
The creek winds down the canyon, so we cross it many times

You know I'm not that brave!

We missed doing this ski last year.

This is interesting.

It's water coming down the hill.

Snow dogs don't mind putting their muzzles into it.

The snow tumbled off of this hill side some.

We're on track for a record-breaking snow year. Yay!

Showing my bravery again.

It's so pretty here.

Whee! We just came down this hill.

While looking down into the gorge on out way out...

We spied this fella up in the tree tops. He was having his lunch.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Me and my pack have been out in the cool white favorite -  snow!
Oh Yeah. My favorite water way -  Swedetown Creek.

We romped 'round the tower loop in Churning Rapids...

...then we headed 'round the Mud Lake Loop and back up the gorge.

Arly and Colin have the trails in perfect condition,
in fact, he's been working lots.  We've had 80 inches so far.
Older dogs do appreciate groomed trails.

On Monday, December 26th, KNSC had the
4th Annual Candle Luminary ski.

Lots of friendly people came to see me,
oh and to see the candles too.

Oh yeah.

And kids too!

The wind kept the candles in...but hopefully not you!