Saturday, January 14, 2017

Spring Creek canyon snow.

Arly got away from work at noon today and promptly took a nap.  I recommend them!  Late in the afternoon they loaded the car with back country skis and we headed up the canal to the Spring Creek canyon.
The creek winds down the canyon, so we cross it many times

You know I'm not that brave!

We missed doing this ski last year.

This is interesting.

It's water coming down the hill.

Snow dogs don't mind putting their muzzles into it.

The snow tumbled off of this hill side some.

We're on track for a record-breaking snow year. Yay!

Showing my bravery again.

It's so pretty here.

Whee! We just came down this hill.

While looking down into the gorge on out way out...

We spied this fella up in the tree tops. He was having his lunch.

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