Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Chritmas snow holiday.

My pack had heard they had a tad more snow in Ironwood than our home, so they packed the bread box Honda up and we went there for our Christmas.
We stayed at my favorite lodging Wolverine Village. We've been here
many times before so I must recommend them plus they are just across
 the road from the ski trails. This is where my pals Bob and Junior live
 and I got to play with them both!  Why didn't you get a photo of them?
Gee whiz you people are hard to train!
This is lake snow coming down on the
Big Powderhorn ski slopes.

This is Wolverine ski trails. I LOVE them!
They are trail mutt approved.

Ya I love snow AND cool weather.
I got to open my gifts. I smell something in here!
Oh ya, I love treats too.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Back to more BC at Twin Lakes

 With our snow keeping to the lowish side,  we headed back up to Twin Lakes to see how deep it was up there.  This was on Saturday December 22nd.

Lets go!!
Actually, I wait for permission to go through doors.
But I don't want to be forgotten and left home!
The snow looks good on the way there.
I'm ready to hit the trail.
Don't ya know, I'm a snow dog.
Good vermin hunting was had here too.
We spied this fellow along the trail.
I'll lead the way to snow adventures!
On the way home, I had to do some all-paw drive maintenance.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trail work adventures

Since we still can't have a deep snow adventure, the pack headed out this Saturday Dec. 8th to clear some trees that blew over in the windy past few weeks. The 2 leggeds had to use the 4-wheel drive Rhino...I of course used all-paw drive...
After we took care of Churning Rapids trails we had a lunch break.
Don't I get some???

I helped drag sticks...she took them off the trail,
I pulled some on.(OK I didn't!)

Ya we got some trees off.
Arly sawed out the trees across River Trail near Rail Road Ravine.
Hopefully next time we are at this spot we'll be bounding
through DEEP SNOW!

Black Creek hike

Last weekend, on December 1, we wished we could have had a deep snow wintery adventure...but the big warm up stopped that. So the pack headed north to trek around the loop at the Black Creek Nature Conservancy.
The snow was sticky and melting fast.

There are a few scary bridges on this hike...

Nearing the shore of the Big Lake, the drifts looked like dunes.
Do I hear someone friendly coming? Or is it vermin...

Today was calm, but this big driftwood log had been
pushed back and up the shore from an earlier storm this fall.

Only brave trail dogs cross here...