Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Swedetown trails, Bridges Loop cleared!

Today Josh came along and we headed back up and got the Bridges loop cleared! 
We walked up the hill to start were we had left off on Sunday.

Sandy cuts then throws some brush off.

Ya Josh, an important part of trail work, is petting me.

This is looking better!

Sandy scopes overhanging branches. 
She raked it after everyone else had made a mess.

Josh knows how to do this.

We stop at the rock for lunch.

I love Swedetown trails.

This section is starting to look nice again.

Here is an overgrown water crossing. 
The same spot, a few minutes later

We saw many, many branches being broke back like this.
Does someone need a lopper for their upcoming birthday?

Almost back to the bottom.
We'd have not get this done without Josh!

Nearly 30 people-hours and this trail was buffed up,
at least until the weeds pop up again.
I hope we come back for a bike ride soon!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Swedetown trails, Bridges Loop clearing

On Sunday afternoon after church, we headed up to clear a trail at Swedetown.   Seems my pack had rode this loop on Saturday morning, and found it overgrown. It was too wet to ride, so it gave us a good chance to finally get out to help out with some of our favorite trails.
With the trail so obscured, riding it was pretty slow.
Seems those two ride slow all the time anyway.

OK, Sandy will get some cuttings off.
The weeds are being whacked and brush lopped.
Oh this looks a little better

Trail mutts can really run on a clean trail like this!

We didn't get it all done but after 5 hours,
we had the bottom 2/3rds cleaned up.
We'll get out to finish soon.

McClain park church services.

On Sunday,  Good Shepard had services at McClain state park.   I love going to church and it being at a lake front park, I simply had to attend!
Ya Carrie, you can scratch me some.  I do like that.

Simon and Ramon can pet me at the same time.
No one ever does that to me.
Later Ramon says "this dog needs to be touched all the time"

Bucky does the service so I go up to visit Lisa.

It was the most beautiful summer day.

Oh ya Nouma,  I'll play with that!

Me and Scarlet go to the water.  You can lean on me.

You know I love kids.

I can also catch sticks!

We all had such a nice time here today. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Music on the Menu with friendly people!

Oh ya, every Friday over the noon hour,  our Portage Lake library has musicians come by to play for an hour and the crowd here is always friendly.  For some reason, Arly has not got me back here much.
Oh I love being here with all the friendly music fans.

These two are quite good.
It's Jan Juntunen and Bob Hiltunen performing today.

Hey!  I know these kids.  I've meet them here before.

I don't get out to socialize much ya know.

And no one ever pets me either.  I wonder what happened to Sharon?

Some of the fans are getting a bit tired.

Afterwards I shook.  We have such a nice time here.
Are we coming back next Friday??  I hope so!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bridgefest Parade fun with kids!

On Friday I was in the Bridgefest parade!  Keweenaw Nordic loves to do fun things, so they march in parades. And, since KNSC is mutt friendly, we 4-leggeds join in the fun.
Oh ya, some dogs just don't get out much.
These are Ski Tigers who'll march with us.

I love skiers.  I'm a snow dog you know!

Now I got my parade ware on.

Since we're waiting to start, you can scratch me some.
We're off!
Arly's a real ham today.
Oh good, kids line the streets.
These Ski Tigers really know how to roller ski good.
 They went around and around the float.
And more kids.  I love them! 
No one ever touch's me good like this.

An artsy shot here.
These M.O.T.O.R. kids came all the way from Kingsford just to see me.
They play Music Over The Open Road.
Ya, you kids can pet me too.
Me and the kids all love a parade.

Do note, Gromit's pack is really getting out for rides or hikes on most days.  But with the tree canopy now fully grown, light in da woods is low, so good photo's are difficult to catch.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Camp and trail clearing adventurers!

On Saturday afternoon I spied clothing bags, camp supplies and trail clearing gear being moved towards our little camper.  This could only mean camping at Gardner RD and North County trail clearing!  
Tail mutts stay close by to assure they'll get along.

At Gardner road, first thing is weeds are knocked down
to help reduce the bug count.

Then camp gets set up and a fire started.  

Trails mutts are all about camping ya know.
This is a NCT parking lot we commonly stay at. Its wonderful!

Then we made a quick excursion down to Tank creek to see
 the grass depth.

Oh ya, I got a drink here.

With all the rain we've had, the grass has been growing good.

The fire was stoked up for cooking.

Oh dear, this does looks good!  Sandy is doing toast as well.

It was a gorgeous summer evening.

Looks about done to me.

They sipped on Plum wine from Lake Annie Orchard.
Huuummmmm good.

Our buddy Dean came by to visit!  He scratches me some.

Then I spied a mouse.

The next morning I was ready to go! Even though the owls and coyotes made a racket all night long.

The Tank Creek grass is being cut down.

Sandy's knocking them weeds-n-trees down.

We got about 3/4 of a mile done today.
Now we're back to camp and packing again.

It's been quite a day on the trail and my eyes are getting heavy.

Just down the road we stopped to see this sign.
A gal went missing near here in 1993.

This is her picture up close.
She looks friendly but her story makes me sad.

On the way home, we stopped for a brief adventure near Twin Lakes.

Wyandotte falls!   We'd never been here before.

They were roaring and scary, but pretty.

Maybe we can ski here this coming winter! I love winter.