Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sarah, Scott and my pack do Tech trails!

On Tuesday evening Scott and Sarah went for the most fun ride with us.  I love these two!  They scratch my ears.
Here comes Scott!

And Sarah.

We ran all the way down to Nara.

Oh here they come again!
Now we're coming back up.

We had such a nice ride with these two.
 Then they came over to eat with us!  But all I got was lame kibble

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sarah and Shannon rides Swedetown

On Thursday with a break in the rain during our very, very wet summer, Sue invited us for a ride along with Sarah (her niece) and her friend Shannon up at Swedetown trails.  You know I can't resist some adventure like this!
Here comes Sue!

Now Shannon.

We had so much fun riding (I ran) with them here!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Music on the Menu with kids

On Fridays starting at noon, the Portage Lake Library sponsor's "Music on the Menu".   Frankly my pack doesn't get me out very often so I just don't receive much affection.  Today we seen “Trio Bibliotheque”  perform with Libby Meyer on fiddle, Anna Gawboy on concertina, and Oren Tikkanen on guitar.
I need to lean on kids so they'll notice me.
Maybe I'll be back to see you again??

Ya, I love kids.

Mike's MB visit.

We had the most fun cycle tourist stop by and stay with us for a few days. You know I love friendly cyclist!  Mike is riding on his way to Grand Marais MN and started in Boston MA.   You can read his blog here.  He said he'd like to try mountain biking so on his last day here, my pack and Mark R took him up to the Copper Harbor trails to ride with him on those trails.   We don't normally take newbies up here but since Mike also wanted to try tandeming, we thought this would be a safe bet.
Here we go!  Starting at the Mountain Lodge

Mike did SO well, we later put him on Sandy's bike.

Here comes Mark!

We took the Bullwinkle, Woopidy Woo and Garden Brook trails.
Turns out Mike was a natural at MBing.

I spied some interesting fungus along the trail.

The Garden Brook falls Mark had not seen before.
We need to get him out more!

We had such a good time up here.

On our way home, we stopped to see Swedetown trails.
Trail mutts are all about this ya know.

Good, I found my ball.  Will we see Mike again soon??
I sure hope so!