Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finally, the pack is cruising the trails again!

The pack had a bike shortage for about a week, which limited our excursions to hiking around, which of course meant hunting for the ball for me. On Wednesday, the long-anticipated new full-suspension tandem arrived, and was promptly named "The Silver Bullet". So now we're back to trail running (riding for Arly and Sandy).
First ride on the Silver Bullet! Churning Rapids.

Finney Creek, my favorite!

Spring Creek, my other favorite!

Where's the water?

On Saturday, the pack all hopped into the Bread Box and drove up to Swedetown Trails. Other than the heat, it was great!
Oh, for a longer tongue.


We are all so glad to be trail running (riding) again! We love to go fast, except the pack is kinda slow going up the hills...but I don't mind. I have a chance to hunt for squirrels then.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot time on the Cooper Harbor trails

Ya it got HOT here so we looked at the forecast in Copper Harbor and it was 15 degrees cooler.... so the pack loaded the camper and headed NE to ride the awesome trails and lounge at Ft. Wilkins.

We did not take this direct (Downhill) route to town!

We saw many friendly riders here on Woopidy-Woo.

Like these guys. They threw a stick for me!

We went up and down the Edge trail, but not The Flow.

Ya it WAS hot, even in camp. But not as bad as Ho Town.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The best vacation ever!

For the 4th of July the pack hopped into the Bread Box with intentions of doing some camping and biking, then visiting Sandy's family in northern MN. What I was looking most forward to was the kid-immersion weekend!
My pal, Danny.

He didn't mind me sitting on his lap...I love that!

The whole fam.

Oh what is he doing now??

They made sure I always had fresh water close by.

These kids were the best!
Danny, Jason, Erika Brandsma, Sarah
All in all, it was a great weekend. We spent most of it outside in the yard since it was so pleasant, although I wouldn't have complained about a nice swim. If only I could get the 2-leggeds to the lake! Anyway, we don't often get Sandy's whole family together, so we were all pleased with the visiting (and playing!) of the weekend.

As for biking, we did get out for a short (HOT!) jaunt on the new trails in Duluth's Lester Park. Other than lots of mud holes and a complete lack of signs (maybe we're supposed to be orienteering??) it was a nice little ride. Of course I did get to cool off in the river.