Monday, July 30, 2012

Trail clearing Saturday!

With moderating temperatures and many MB rides had lately, the pack thought it might be fun to head back to the North County trail to clear a short section found just south of Mass City we hadn't yet done.  This was from Gardner RD west to the NFS road which was less than 2 miles long.  Sounds easy!
Trail sign near the start eaten by bears.
I guess they like the taste of stain!

A wet and warm summer made for tall grass and a
sometimes hard to find trail.
We found many many, more trees had fallen
 across the trail.
Arly got his trail saw out early and cut something every 300ft or so.
It was much warmer out here than we had hoped!
One cleared!
We found many, many sections like this.
Ya being a trail mutt isn't all about fun,
I kept the area free of vermin!
Arly found his 18" bar just barely long enough for this one.

I think I've had enough...I'm ready to go home.

Over the course of the hike we found the grass so tall and many trees fallen over in the month since we had been here, we missed our turnaround RD and kept on going for some 3 miles, which made a rather long day for us.  How many trees can fall in a month!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adventures with my pal Larry!

Larry my buddy who rides MTB and grooms the dog friendly McKeever ski trails near Munising came for a visit. How could I not love a guy like this!!
I love to jump up on the rocks.
Now we're running at Tech trails.

We had SO MUCH fun having him with us.

Next we took Larry to the Portage Lake Library for "Music on the Menu".
These musicians are SO friendly!

I love Larry but all the kids who came to touch me
were over the top!

I love little boys too.  He could hardly walk!

We had to do some concertina repairs.

I can be a lap dog if you want me to.

Sometimes kids can be nervous.

We took Larry to the Dee ice arena.

Then we went to Camelot (ak Calumet) to
ride Swedetown trails.
Larry hadn't been on a tandem in years. We all had so much fun! Arly says he was a natural on the tandem.
I think he's a natural at scratching my ears!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ride-N-waterfall adventures!

Sandy had to work again Sunday morning and it was predicted to get up to 90...  Not a good outlook for a winter mutt!    As soon as she got home and it was still relativity cool out, we ventured across the bridge to Hancock's Churning Rapids trails.
 These are my favorite ones here!
Running across the Longbridge!

Arly negotiates a corner on it
How fast are we going??!!??!!

Ya,, I know your not fast.
A ski trail bridge I helped build.
We stopped here for a cool dip in Spring Creek.  Its my favorite!
I stay close to my pack.

Are we heading down Pow-Pow?

Ya I love Swedetown creek too!



With this hot weather today Arly and I voted we head up to Copper Harbor and ride. It was suppose to be a little cooler up there but someone voted us down.  So as a cool alternative, we joined Mark's gang for a hike to the Kun De Kun falls near Mass city for a shower in them.  I'm a water dog you know.

Which way we going Mark??  I can't read.

Oh ya I've been here many times.
This is part of the North County trail
my pack keeps clear.
In case you didn't know, I like to be close.

Mark fell off!!  What should we do???
If you throw the stick. I'll go get it.

After helping him back up we got under the falls..
Ya it was nice and cool in here!

This is the way back!
I'm a trail mutt, so I'll lead the way back to the parking lot.

Weekend adventures!

I had such an exciting weekend of music, runs, friendly people and water.  I had to divide all the fun up!  Starting with Music on the Menu each Friday at our library. 
Best part about the music is the kids!
Why didn't Arlyn get a photo of the Jazz guitarist?

Sandy had to work on Saturday morning but as soon as she got off, we headed up the hill to Camelot (ak Calumet) to ride Swedetown trails!
Ya these are GREAT!

These are the best trails in all of Camelot!

I think we're about done.  When we going to eat?

When we got off the trails we were hungry, so we stopped at the trail mutt approved and very friendly Cafe Rosetta.   This favorite stop is also in Camelot.   Hummmmm its good!
My pal Dean was in town to do a race, so afterward he left his racing trike for Arly and Sandy to test out.  They said it was REALLY fun!

They had fun and all, but I think they are slow.