Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend adventures!

I had such an exciting weekend of music, runs, friendly people and water.  I had to divide all the fun up!  Starting with Music on the Menu each Friday at our library. 
Best part about the music is the kids!
Why didn't Arlyn get a photo of the Jazz guitarist?

Sandy had to work on Saturday morning but as soon as she got off, we headed up the hill to Camelot (ak Calumet) to ride Swedetown trails!
Ya these are GREAT!

These are the best trails in all of Camelot!

I think we're about done.  When we going to eat?

When we got off the trails we were hungry, so we stopped at the trail mutt approved and very friendly Cafe Rosetta.   This favorite stop is also in Camelot.   Hummmmm its good!
My pal Dean was in town to do a race, so afterward he left his racing trike for Arly and Sandy to test out.  They said it was REALLY fun!

They had fun and all, but I think they are slow.

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