Monday, July 30, 2012

Trail clearing Saturday!

With moderating temperatures and many MB rides had lately, the pack thought it might be fun to head back to the North County trail to clear a short section found just south of Mass City we hadn't yet done.  This was from Gardner RD west to the NFS road which was less than 2 miles long.  Sounds easy!
Trail sign near the start eaten by bears.
I guess they like the taste of stain!

A wet and warm summer made for tall grass and a
sometimes hard to find trail.
We found many many, more trees had fallen
 across the trail.
Arly got his trail saw out early and cut something every 300ft or so.
It was much warmer out here than we had hoped!
One cleared!
We found many, many sections like this.
Ya being a trail mutt isn't all about fun,
I kept the area free of vermin!
Arly found his 18" bar just barely long enough for this one.

I think I've had enough...I'm ready to go home.

Over the course of the hike we found the grass so tall and many trees fallen over in the month since we had been here, we missed our turnaround RD and kept on going for some 3 miles, which made a rather long day for us.  How many trees can fall in a month!!

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