Monday, July 23, 2012

Ride-N-waterfall adventures!

Sandy had to work again Sunday morning and it was predicted to get up to 90...  Not a good outlook for a winter mutt!    As soon as she got home and it was still relativity cool out, we ventured across the bridge to Hancock's Churning Rapids trails.
 These are my favorite ones here!
Running across the Longbridge!

Arly negotiates a corner on it
How fast are we going??!!??!!

Ya,, I know your not fast.
A ski trail bridge I helped build.
We stopped here for a cool dip in Spring Creek.  Its my favorite!
I stay close to my pack.

Are we heading down Pow-Pow?

Ya I love Swedetown creek too!



With this hot weather today Arly and I voted we head up to Copper Harbor and ride. It was suppose to be a little cooler up there but someone voted us down.  So as a cool alternative, we joined Mark's gang for a hike to the Kun De Kun falls near Mass city for a shower in them.  I'm a water dog you know.

Which way we going Mark??  I can't read.

Oh ya I've been here many times.
This is part of the North County trail
my pack keeps clear.
In case you didn't know, I like to be close.

Mark fell off!!  What should we do???
If you throw the stick. I'll go get it.

After helping him back up we got under the falls..
Ya it was nice and cool in here!

This is the way back!
I'm a trail mutt, so I'll lead the way back to the parking lot.

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