Monday, July 16, 2012

The week in the heat!

Ya, it's been a HOT week here, least we've got a few runs (or rides) in.
My tongue shows the heat index.
Here's a good place to stop.  My panting makes the water ripple.
Arly and I got to listen to "Music on the Menu" over the lunch hour at our very fine Portage Lake library.  

The music was GREAT! Plus many  friendly people attend who will scratch my ears.  

This is definitely trail mutt approved!
Oh ya...
They're friendly back here as well.
And here to!

Next on fun things was some kids came over to see me.
I love Josie!


Last was I got a hair cut and a good brushing.
I like this because, well ya, I do like someone to touch me.....  Maybe this will help me stay cool?

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