Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter weather! Hooray!

Saturday, February 25th wasn't only the day of the Retro Ski Fest. It was also the day of the American Birkebeiner, North America's largest cross country ski race. It draws skiers from all over the world to little northern Wisconsin, including some very friendly folks I love from Wyoming and South Dakota.  These guys groom ski trails!   You should know how much I love snow!

Korte skier Linda was a good stick-thrower
Gurrrr Gurrr Gurrr

Kent from Sturgis, South Dakota came along too. The pack did not get a photo of him, but you can see him in my "Wild West Adventures".

I brought the stick back most promptly.
 Adventures on Sunday morning included Kent and Linda going for a ski as the storm just started up, while Arly and Curt were out in the Rhino working on the trails. Later on, Sandy and I had a BC skiing  adventure at Maasto. That helped us work up and appetite for the upcoming feast!

The pack was remiss in NOT getting photos from our fabulous post-Birkie party held in our den on Sunday evening. Eleven friendly skiers (6 of them trail groomers! I love those folks!) got together to eat fine food and drink some tasty beverages, tell skiing stories, and celebrate Curt, Linda, and Kent's visit to the Copper Country. I was so very tired after this busy, busy day. I love having company!

Monday we bade our western guests farewell, then Arly headed out to tame down the deep drifts that blew in starting on Sunday morning. After lunch, Sandy and I headed to the trails for some fine deep snow adventures. Arly had many adventures too, only not as fun as ours.
Arly was rolling in the Rhino.

Ryan was packing the trail with the Grizzly.

I packed the trail for Sandy!

River Trail in the Dam Meadow finally getting tamed.

It was good-n-snowy... good-n-snowy that the Rhino got off the trail and stuck!

Good thing for the 4000lb winch!
Thanks to Susan who ski-packed a trail to the tree for Arly.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Retro ski fun!

Today was Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club's Retro Ski fest, so the pack put on their BC skis and strode out to the party. I of course used my All Paw Drive.
Hurry! There's adventure up ahead!
See! All kinds of friendly people...and KIDS!

We were at the tail end of the party...
They can't manage to do anything without my direction.

I think kids were here...I love kids...
We headed back through the deep snow.

Many thanks to Jay, one of my favorite skiers, for putting together the first annual Retro Ski Fest!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm not that brave

People think trail mutts must be brave, so I'll give crossing this log a try.

No way!

It's much better if someone comes along.

I'll be brave here.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Deep(ish) snow adventures at Perreault Lake II

The pack headed out of town for some back country skiing adventures but got a late start so didn't want to stray too we checked out Perreault Lake again, just a few miles south of town. The warm sun and sugary snow did not disappoint!
Bounding was great!

Good thing Border-Dors's over-sized tail
is a superb balancing too!

Almost like the tight rope!

Having snow all over you is the best.

Ya Border-Dors can hunt too!

Perreault Lake: our favorite circumnavigation!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Churning Rapids BC and ski trails photo repor.

After the Barney, the trails it was held on needed to be touched up to make them nice again. These photos were taken on the city side and gorge trails after they got redone.
In Swedetown gorge.  It’s my favorite!

The tools that did the job.
On Tuesday afternoon the pack headed out to Churning Rapids to do trails and BC ski some.  That is exactly what snow-dogs appreciate!  
Oh ya, I love the kids too.

We run together!

This looks real good.

Bounding through snow like this, is my specialty.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Barney Loppet means kids!!

And kids are something I don't get enough of! 
Today they gathered at the KNSC chalet for a race.

We cheered them in.

I love the older kids too!

Oh ya,  this is what I expect and deserve.

Here I'm playing "hard to get"

Oh yes, please do touch me.

If you have any kids, do send them by to visit me!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Copper Harbor trail adventures!

Today the pack headed up to Copper Harbor to have a back country snow adventure. We weren't sure how snowy our outing would be. Happily, the powder was enough to please a winter dog!
Let's go!

Headed up the Stairway To Heaven
Copper Harbor trails are the  best!
My pack rides their tandem bike on these with me during the summer.
To copper harbor trails site!

Snow dogs gotta cool off.

I let the pack catch up to me some times.

Is that vermin over there?

Obstacles are no match for all-paw drive.

Paw maintenance is needed at times...

Too bad the rest of the pack is so sloooow....