Monday, April 28, 2014

Adventures with Mark's gang at the Arnold mine!

Some time ago we thought we should try snowshoeing on the trail the Jacob's Falls abbey monks had built a few years ago.  This is located on the road down to Eagle Harbor.
Me and Lisa get to be pals as we wait for everyone
to get their shoes on.

At Jacob's creek, we looked for a lost bridge.
Where did it go???

There's one, but we didn't want to go that way.

Stairs!   With the snow so deep, we didn't see any.

Here's the bridge.  This is not a problem for trail mutts.

Oh I better go back and help Kathy!

Maybe they'll not drown.

The Arnold mine cap.

On our way back we stopped at a trail intersection.

We also stopped in Eagle River to look at the falls.
Ya, we had such a nice time with everyone.

Skiing visitors. You know how I love company!

Ya, I hardly ever get to see anyone but this weekend I was lucky when Jonathon, Hannah and my new pal Seth came by to ski and see me. 
Jonathon used to live here, now they all live in Ironwood, MI.
I showed them my favorite sweater.
Hannah you can scratch me some, oh and more too.
Jonathon helped us up put up a trail equipment post when
 he lived here.

I was soooo glad they stayed overnight with us!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Multi sports adventures!

Saturday morning we met up with Mark and Bella to ski Swedetown trails.
Me and Bella, we only get up here after the season has ended.

Finally! We're off.
Warm weather makes my nose itch.
Bella spied vermin...

...and I smelled some beneath the snow.

I bet I can dig him out!

I'd a got him....if everyone wouldn't have left.
Don't leave me!
I had to get to my usual spot up ahead.

We wanted to show how deep the snow still is,
even after much melting. This marks a bike trail we ride.

Me and Bella are fellow trail mutts, ya know.

A peek-a-boo of the big lake.

Oh yeah, we recommend snow baths.

Bella says, "Since I can't read, I guess I can't follow the directions on that sign."

Then in the afternoon it being so nice out, Arly and Sandy got a road bike out and went for their 1st ride of the season!
They headed out to Chassell on highway 41.
...and came back in on the recently plowed bike path.

Deep dirty banks remaining.

A view of Mont Ripley!

It was such a nice 1st ride of the year, rubbery legs and all.

That same afternoon, our friendly neighborhood pileated
stopped by for lunch.

After that he hung out on the tree looking for more goodies.
The gold finches are changing back to yellow.

These crow sized woodpeckers use their trails as props.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Still skiing but looking to change it up!

Breaking News:  Gromit's pack is still skiing here but getting rather tired of it after 5+ monthsIs that enough?   If your trails are dry, please let us know and we’ll make a special weekend trip to them and go riding with you.
This photo was taken a few summers back at Swedetown trails.  
Gets us in the mood for a ride!

Back in Swedetown Creek Gorge!

Ya it's spring but at least we got out for a run along this beautiful creek. 
Frankly I just don't get out much ya know.
The creek is certainly up, but not flood stage.
We are standing on a bridge!

The Sisu bridge has quite a bow in it now.

This narrow pedestrian bridge has some bow too!

This is my favorite creek you know.

I'm so glad my pack can still ski!

Every winter I forget I have web paws but this
flowing water sure makes me nervous!

Ya, she's a running!

The bridge at the dam seemed OK.

A hunting dog like me can never rest.

We stopped to check the middle bridge out.