Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pilgrim River ski in 50 degrees!

Ya! I got my pack out this afternoon and we ventured to my favorite Nara trails and Pilgrim river.
I smelled a mouse!  I caught one once.

We looked down the valley towards the Pilgrim river.
Lets go this way!

Ya, its warm out but I still love these spring romps.

We zoom down the hill.

Almost there!

Ya, the river is up.

Sandy says some spots are soft!

Should we cross here??
No way a conservative dog will do that!

This is the same location earlier this winter.
 Here's the post it's from.
Someone found bugs to eat.
This is Pileated woodpeckers at work.
At this link you can see what they look like
and hear their call..

Arly took his skis off so get up a melted hill,
but he needed them again. 

We had such a nice ski in warm spring weather!

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