Monday, April 7, 2014

BIG Sping snow fell here.

Ya, snow dogs do love a spring snow storm and 15" fell here on Thursday and Friday. Arly had to be out for many hours knocking it down but on Saturday afternoon we all got for a quick run around the trails in the gorge.  I let him add a few photos he took as he groomed
It was so warm out, I had to cool off in my favorite Swedetown creek!

With this warm weather, the creeks have been coming up.
Dam meadow bridge.

This is the "Middle bridge" we'll be replacing this fall.


Trail mutts can jump right on top of snow banks!
We had SUCH  a nice ski today
Now here is the grooming photos I'll let him post..
Sisu brdige

The creek at Sisu bridge.


Ya, its pretty.

But the wind had made a mess of things..

This is on Spring Creek bridge,,, really!
It was so pretty when he was done but this likely be
the last time he can groom..  Spring is here!

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