Friday, April 11, 2014

The Bridges and Skiing of Swedetown Gorge (no movie!)

My pack wanted to check the bridges in the gorge out for high water damage. Frankly I'm glad to get out and run, because we just don't do much around here!!
This is Sisu bridge.
We spied some damage here.

Up stream, we checked out the middle bridge.

The cribbing Mark Roberts and his crew added last fall,
 seems OK for now.

We'll be replacing this one in the fall.

Ya, my favorite creek is up.

What we call the National Guard bridge seems fine.
This one we worry the least over.

Still some tracks left.
All-paw drive don't need no stink'n tracks!

Now at the Dam. (long ago washed out)

Cribbing here seemed OK.

Dam meadow bridges seemed OK as well..

What happen to the snow mushrooms??

Sandy checks the bridge near Tomasi ditch.
You won't get me no closer to that edge!

We had such a nice spring ski together.

Arly closed the trail gates this week.  We can still romp here, can't we?  I think so!
My buddy Terry sent us this photo.  He's on the Sikuliaq in Lake Michigan this week.
Terry scratches my ears when he's here to visit.  I love that!

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