Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mountain Lion encounter, take II

Did you know that some dogs can't help but live on the edge between terror and death?  Ya, that's I've been doing lately, when we go to Larry's house again to check on that lion who lives there. 
Oh no! He's just inside the door!

I'm not going in there!

He's coming out!  I see my life flash before my eyes.
I'll not move and pretend to be a lawn ornament.

Oh good, she'll protect me. Wait! Don't call him in!

Oh no, I'd like to play with that ball but now it's too risky to get it.

I can't watch this. I'm the one who needs that petting right now!

Be careful! I'm sure he'll bite.

Oh good, I think he's going to eat that cat food, instead of me.

Well, maybe he's not so bad.

I'm OK, as long as my pack stays close by to protect me.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

I love parties!

Oh ya. The pack and me headed to my favorite social spot, the Orpheum!   To attend a retirement party for Connie P.
There were kids!  You know I love them.

Oh ya, you can hug me any time.

Greg scratched me some too.

I got to meet so many friendly people here today!

Tom Katalin performed for it. He's Trail Mutt Approved!

After the party, we checked in to feed that vicious mountain lion Larry has.
I kept up with my strategy of avoiding any eye contact. It worked!
And we did not get eaten alive. Ya, this is livin on the edge...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Mountain lions! and trail adventures...

On Saturday afternoon we went to Larry's house to check on his cat, Colombo.   Don't let him fool you, he's really a mountain lion!
I know if you don't make eye contact, its less likely you'll be eaten.

Oh Arly, you are too close!

Sandy you MUST be careful.

OK, OK, I know to not look at him.

Oh good, he's moving away.
We've avoided being attacked and killed again!

Next we went for a romp in the woods to mark a trail.
Best part is the lack of Mountain Lions here!

This is a water hole we hope to move the ski trail out of.

Hey! I know there is a chipmunk here somewhere.

We had such a nice ski today.

Turkeys! Six of them strolled through the yard.
Nothing like living in town to avoid the wild life!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Low snow spring run in Churning Rapids!

Finally, I got my pack out. They thought we should check out the snow in Churning Rapids.
Oh dear, our snow has really gone down.
Snow has melted from this bridge.  Kind of scary!

This is Spring Creek.

We fly down this hill.  I just turned 10 but still am so fast.

Ya, I like to run with my pack..

And roll in the snow.  And roll again.  It feels sooooo good. You should try it!

Not many more fun skis like today left this year.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring Porkies Yurt-N-ski adventures II

This post is from days 3 and 4.

Even though it froze last night, the Little Union is waaaay up.

Lotsa down branches and trees with these windy conditions.

We skied the trail heading to Lost Creek yurt. Tough goin'
for the Porkie's groomers!
Hey! We met the friendly yurt dwellers. There were from Detroit.

I'm so glad we got to visit for a while!

A snowman is always evidence of warm weather.
This was just down the trail from their yurt.

Since the trail was icy and sketchy for skiing, they wanted to take the road back.
I'll mention that all-paw drive worked just fine every where.

It's been a busy, busy day and I couldn't stay up any longer.

On Wednesday, we had to pack up. Can't we stay longer?

It snowed overnight!  Too bad the wind howled as well.
Looks like he's almost ready.

Bye-bye, Little Union yurt.

The skiff of new snow helped the trails ski better.

Lots more debris down from the non-stop wind.

We zoomed down the road. The trail did not have enough snow any more.

Not a snowmobile in sight.

Today's cold wind was a big change from the rest of our trip.
Bye-bye, Porkies. We'll be back later this spring!