Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mountain Lion encounter, take II

Did you know that some dogs can't help but live on the edge between terror and death?  Ya, that's I've been doing lately, when we go to Larry's house again to check on that lion who lives there. 
Oh no! He's just inside the door!

I'm not going in there!

He's coming out!  I see my life flash before my eyes.
I'll not move and pretend to be a lawn ornament.

Oh good, she'll protect me. Wait! Don't call him in!

Oh no, I'd like to play with that ball but now it's too risky to get it.

I can't watch this. I'm the one who needs that petting right now!

Be careful! I'm sure he'll bite.

Oh good, I think he's going to eat that cat food, instead of me.

Well, maybe he's not so bad.

I'm OK, as long as my pack stays close by to protect me.

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