Saturday, March 4, 2017

G-N-G adventures!

Today was Keweenaw Nordic's annual Glide-N-Gorge which I always attend since someone there might scratch me some.  I don't get much of that at my house!
Oh ya, we just met and I already like you!

Oh, oh it's Obie and Margo. I love them!
But, where are Malachai and Mariah?

I found snacks on the ground at the appetizer station.

After that, we headed downstream on our way to the soup station.

We admired the creek along the way.

I'm so fast!  For a 10 yo anyway.

The skiers all said the trails were excellent.

I found more snacks here and some friendly Ski Tigers.

Oh yeah, I love having some kid time.

My pack is now packing for our spring yurt adventure in the Porkies.  Stay tuned!

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