Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Mountain lions! and trail adventures...

On Saturday afternoon we went to Larry's house to check on his cat, Colombo.   Don't let him fool you, he's really a mountain lion!
I know if you don't make eye contact, its less likely you'll be eaten.

Oh Arly, you are too close!

Sandy you MUST be careful.

OK, OK, I know to not look at him.

Oh good, he's moving away.
We've avoided being attacked and killed again!

Next we went for a romp in the woods to mark a trail.
Best part is the lack of Mountain Lions here!

This is a water hole we hope to move the ski trail out of.

Hey! I know there is a chipmunk here somewhere.

We had such a nice ski today.

Turkeys! Six of them strolled through the yard.
Nothing like living in town to avoid the wild life!

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