Saturday, January 31, 2015

Heikinpaiva and snow fun!

Heikinpaiva is Finish for "winter is half over" and the city of Hancock celebrates with many festivites.
In the morning Sandy and I helped the groomers move
items and we went for a ski.

Then at 10:30, we met in Hancock to get KNSC's
parade gang organized .

Tech's pep band was here!  They are SOOOOO good.

Many interesting characters get ready.
I was brave so they didn't scare me.

Sled dogs were here as well.  They were friendly.

It's 11 and we start to march!

Arly drove the Grizzly and towed an implement.
It was so much fun.

After the parade, we stayed at the
Finnish-American Heritage Center
so I could socialize some.

Many friendly people and mutts here.

Oh ya, no one ever touches me.
I mean never ever, really.

Oh ya.

Here's a friendly little one.

Oh and kids!

I leaned on her.

We looked at the ice art carvings.

We visited some friendly folks from Ironwood.

It's Clare and John! I haven't seen you in so long...

I don't know you, but I'm glad we met.


Ya, standing up on the wall offers great ear scratching

We watched the wife carrying contest.

I don't mind being carried. I wish I could have been!

Oh, yeah, Jay. You can scratch me too.

The wife carrying contest continues....

...with all different techniques.

Yaaa, Would you like me to go home with you?
Oh wait, do you ski??

We had such a nice time today.
Seems I never get out to meet freindly people.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cliff snowshoe adventure!

Arly was not working on the trails today because of no snow.   Sandy had the day off (not by her choice) so I prompted the pack out for a Cliff snowshoe adventure!   This is just NE of Calumet.
I had to wait on the slow pokes to get their shoes on. Luckily, I just used my all-paw drive.

Let's go!

Snow is good up here.
The steam plant stack ruins at the North American Mine site.
This mine operated for a short time around 1850.
I investigated old stone work....

....vermin can hide anywhere ya know.

Up we go.
Once again, all-paw drive proved superior.

We stop at the first overlook.

Up we continue.

Hey, let's not get too close to the edge!

Up some more.

Arly! Be careful.

I smell a mouse!

Where'd he go?

Once again, I stayed safely away from that scary, scary edge.

I can see the bottom fine from right here.

A beaver pond way down below.

Now we slide down.

I found a rock to jump up on.
I think this rolled down off the top some time ago.

The car is this way.

I love to run in the snow!

We found an old mine shaft.

It was well marked "stay out!"

Back on the North American trail.

We had such a nice hike today.