Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Eagle Harbor ski trail romp and Shute's

Ya! On Sunday the pack joined Mark's gang for more northern type of adventures.
Us 4-leggeds pals were just glad to get out and play!

We wrestled while we waited on the slow pokes.

Mark thought is was time to check
out the trails at Eagle Harbor.

Even though the snow cover was thin, skiing was great!

Trail mutts led the way, as usual.

Malachai and Mariah wore their harnesses,
to give their 2-leggeds a break now and then.

We made it out to look at Great Sand Bay.

Me and Mark inspected the plow-beat road marker.

After skiing, the 2-leggeds adjourned to the Eagle Harbor Inn.

Back in Calumet, we stopped in for a visit at Shute's.

We'd heard they were trail mutt friendly.

Sure enough, I found lots of friendly folks.

Yes Mark, I'm right here.

I even got to meet the owner, Brad. 
He said I needed to come back and visit again soon!

Hey! I spy a friendly looking potato chip eating fella.

Don't you know? I like potato chips too!

I've deemed this place Trail Mutt Approved!

After all that romping and socializing, I was ready for bed.

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