Saturday, January 24, 2015

No new snow means more adventures for me and Arly.

Ya!  Arly finally got me out for a run this week.  With little snow falling, he's spent less time working.
Ya Joel, no one ever scratches me.
This is at Hancock's DPW where Arly works.
Then we got out for a ski in Swedetown creek gorge.

Ya, I can really run here!

And run.

Up Dam Hill we go.

Trail mutts can do this sort of thing.

Then jump off.

See how good traction is with all-paw drive?

I can make the snow fly!

This is on Side-winder hill.
I jumped up....

...and back down.

We stop to look at the water in the Dam meadow.

Arly really should get out more often.

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