Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cliff snowshoe adventure!

Arly was not working on the trails today because of no snow.   Sandy had the day off (not by her choice) so I prompted the pack out for a Cliff snowshoe adventure!   This is just NE of Calumet.
I had to wait on the slow pokes to get their shoes on. Luckily, I just used my all-paw drive.

Let's go!

Snow is good up here.
The steam plant stack ruins at the North American Mine site.
This mine operated for a short time around 1850.
I investigated old stone work....

....vermin can hide anywhere ya know.

Up we go.
Once again, all-paw drive proved superior.

We stop at the first overlook.

Up we continue.

Hey, let's not get too close to the edge!

Up some more.

Arly! Be careful.

I smell a mouse!

Where'd he go?

Once again, I stayed safely away from that scary, scary edge.

I can see the bottom fine from right here.

A beaver pond way down below.

Now we slide down.

I found a rock to jump up on.
I think this rolled down off the top some time ago.

The car is this way.

I love to run in the snow!

We found an old mine shaft.

It was well marked "stay out!"

Back on the North American trail.

We had such a nice hike today.

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