Monday, January 26, 2015

McLain park Ice capades

On Sunday afternoon my pack complained about icy ski conditions so we went down to the lake to snowshoe and see how the shove ice looked.
This is the north entry to the Portage ship canal.
A close-up of the left marker.

We took a tea break in here.

Actually it was quite nice out with no wind.
We kept hiking east.

I found an interesting stump along the shore.

The ice groaned as the water rose and fell.

Everything was so "cool" to see.

This is the start to an ice volcano.

I'll not get very close to the edge!

We could have brought a picnic along.

We head west and back towards the car.

We took the shore route.

Deer winter along the shore because snow is low here
and they can dig up food.
Glad they don't do that on Arly's ski trails!

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