Friday, January 16, 2015

Swedetown gorge and CR romp

Arly and I got out for a short run in Swedetown gorge and into Churning Rapids yesterday.  We both needed that! 
I smelled that someone was here.
We started from the usual spot, Tomasi TH.

I got thirsty and had a snow drink. Trails mutts do that.

It's sooooooooo pretty down here.

Let's go!

We head to Churning Rapids.

We stop along Spring Creek.
I spied a squirrel!

We skied past a lonely, lonely Rhino.
Arly says he broke down.
The sun came out and we head back to town.

I'm just glad to get out now and then.


Snow's been tumbling off the hillsides.

Here too!

Swedetown creek is my favorite.

Oh it's a friendly skier!  And another trail mutt.
I'll not jump on you, but I do get excited to see someone.
I don't get out much ya know.

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