Monday, January 12, 2015

Uller and Ironwood ski advenutres!

Ya! The pack got to have a winter weekend adventure, since Sandy signed up to ski in the Sisu Ski Fest in Ironwood MI again. I didn't get to be in the lame!
Before the start, getting ready to check how Arly's wax
 job worked.
Not seen in this photo are the 800+ skiers who also did the Sisu.

Later, my pack skied at Wolverine trails.

Me and Arly did some bridge inspection.

The grooming and snow was great!

He's ahead for once because I was off trail, hunting.

We spied some frozen ice falls.

Wolverine is trail mutt approved!
This is a great stop for skiing and trail mutt romps.

On Sunday, we headed west to ski
the Uller near Iron Belt, WI.
Little brushy! I didn't mind.

The old bridge over Alder Creek is still standing.

Artsy, shaggy tree...

The birch bark was tattered and looked like hair.
This was my pack's favorite trail when they
lived here some 12 years ago.

Charlie! My favorite Alpine-driving trail groomer
caught up with us.
The pack chatted with Charlie while I did paw maintenance.

Westward we go!

Pretty brushy the whole way.

The first shelter along the way.

The Uller is part of the NCT, at least for now.

The Wisconsin Conservation Corps
built these shelters years ago.

Its spartan interior,
with fallen bench and crooked floor. But dry!

Through the rolling hills of the Penokee Range we go.

Intersection for the old Krankkala Spur to Iron Belt.

Scribner's meadow shelter....our favorite!

Arly got a fire going.  It's smoky!

Headed back east.
We were not sure what critter made the tracks on the creek.
Maybe an Otter?

Charlie's got lots of water to cross this season.

One day, Charlie hopes to drive a Gator through here.
Hummmmm  that's a wide John Deere side-by side UTV....

We had such a nice ski here today, on my pack's
all time favorite ski trail!


  1. Great adventure!! We always enjoy reading what your are up to. :-)

  2. So when will Gromit see you and the family up to ski with us? :-)