Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas day adventures around Perrault Lake!

We've been a little warm here with modest snowfalls, so on Christmas day we thought we'd head to a higher elevation with deeper snow and ski around Perrault Lake.
Today we parked a bit east of the lake road to do an extra ski
 along the old road.  Sandy is waxing the skis.
I know that's a sure sign of adventure!

Another fellow parked here comes out of the woods with birch branches.
What on earth could he be doing???

Finally we're off!

A little brushy along the old road.

That don't bother a trail mutt!

Ya, it's good and snowy up here at the lake.

Snowy up in the canopy too.

We head around it clockwise this time.

We make the bridge!  This is the outlet of the lake.

View of the out flow.

View of the lake from the bridge.

We continue around and see the lake through the woods.

Ya, this is my element.

Almost around this nice little lake, we spied trail signs.

Almost back, I see the highway.

We had such a nice little ski today.

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  1. Awesome!! I love this!! We need to take a trip UP North. Sadly all our snow melted. We got to ski in November. And that was it. ;-( No skiing in December.