Saturday, December 20, 2014

Twin Lakes Ski Scamp

Ya! Mark tagged along with the pack and we all went west to Twin Lakes State Park, since the rumor was the ski trail there was groomed. Not that trail mutts require that...
This way....

...let's go!

Don't use that thermometer to figure out your wax.
It showed 60!

The snow out here was pretty good!

I got across that just fine. I am a water dog.


Mark zooms too!

Hey! I spy vermin.

Mark checks his compass.  Don't worry,
I'll lead the way back so you lame 2-leggeds don't get lost.

Trail mutts are in their glory on trails like this.

They had tea while I hunted at our favorite overlook.

Hunting's been good! I don't get out much to hunt, ya know.

We checked the snow depth. Pretty shallow!

Time to head back.

We spied some interesting looking scat. Who from???

Could use some brushing here.

Don't fall in, Mark!

Luckily, all the puddles were frozen solid.

We had such a nice scamp in the woods today.

After our ski, we spotted someone in the DNR garage.
He was a friendly Conservation Officer!  This DNR station
and trails, are now officially trail mutt approved

It's been a busy, busy day and I fell right to sleep that night.

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