Sunday, August 31, 2014

A pileated woodpecker visits!

Ya, I know this might sound lame, but my pack took these Pileated woodpecker photos this spring as the snow was melting.   They just found them in a less used camera!

He's checking out the area.

Looks like the coast is clear this way.

Gee these guys are so pretty and big!

Good this way too.

Nothing up there as well.

Maybe I can go in and peck a bite or two.

It's been a long winter and I'm hungry.   Me and my mate will be squawking and drumming around this place many times over the summer.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friendly visitors, bike shop stop, and hike the Paavola Wetlands!

On ya, I hardy ever get to see anyone, but on Thursday evening some friendly people came over just to see me! 
Seen here is Sandy, Terry my ski buddy from Escanaba, my new neighbors Sam and Jenn, then Wes and Jannika who have a house here for skiing.  You know how I love skiers!

On Saturday we were to my favorite ski and bike shop
in Calumet, Cross Country Sports!

Ya, no-one ever rubs me good!

Inside, we chat with Lorri as she wakes up with some coffee.

Ya, I do love the friendly staff here!

The young ones can check for messages
and touch me, all at the same time.

On the way back we stopped at the Paavola Wetlands
and hiked around them.  I see vermin!

They've installed new board walks across wetlands
this summer

We had a great little romp around here today.

Maybe I need to get these lame people out more!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Maasto trail brushing begins!

I've been telling my pack that the old trail on top of Swedetown gorge's north side would be very nice to have reopened.
Tuesday morning Mark Roberts and my pack head down
Railroad Ravine to get started.

I'm glad they are finally listening to me!

Since we were here, I told them they just as well clear
the River trail.

Dem darn weeds will be knocked down!

Oh this is pretty, but they'll get whacked down as well.

This is the bottom of Dam hill that they've just cleared.

We take a lunch break on a creek bridge.  I went for a dip!

Mark works his way up Dam hill.
 It's called that because there's a old dam where this trail ends at.

That's looking better!

I found a old rusty dog chain hung here.
Was it a trail mutt's??

Sandy spied an old sign.  I guess this was trail 11!

Lots more to do you people!

Looking better backwards.

More to do ahead.

Arly stirred up a bee's nest here.
They were angry! So I avoided them.

Late in the afternoon we decided that was enough for today
and we hiked out.

I've had enough too.  Least we did get something done.
Would you like to help??  I'd love to see you here!   Just let Arly know at arlyn.aronson (at) gmail

NCT, Superior Hiking Trail Celebration held in Duluth

On Friday after Sandy got off we headed west to Duluth, MN to attend The Minnesota Hiking Celebration there. This was an event held by the 4 Minnesota chapters of the North Country Trail.  Here we learned that the Superior Hiking Trail along the ridge above the Big Lake's north shore is really part of the NCT but it takes an act of congress to officially say that!  
We got in after dark, in the fog. This is breakfast at Spirit Mt.
campground where we stayed.
They didn't give me any bacon or pancakes!

The pack got to meet trail maintenance guru, Bill Menke.
Bill was the NPS trail coordinator and now works directly
for the NCT

It was a foggy wet weekend here for us.

The spiders thought  it was wet too!

Who's that?!
This was at the Spirit Mt chalet, where the conference was held.

I'm not sure who this fellow is, but he is wily!
So I came in from the back side with my tail high.

After the conference, we took a quick hike on the
 Superior Hiking Trail right near
Spirit Mountain's Grand Avenue Chalet.

Thankfully, there were cooling stops.

It was a pretty hike right up the hill and well marked.

Up and up we go.

The trail flowed along the ski hill so we stopped at a
snow gun to view St Louis Bay harbor.

Thimble berries!

I'll have to recommend this trail for all its great features.

The trail was very well marked,
although trail mutts can't read and we know the way
without signs or blazes.

The pack went out to eat with some friendly NCT folks.  Most of them are on the national board.

Sunday morning we hiked through the road construction
to see Chester park.

Ya, no one ever scratches me you know.
Sandy's folks came down from Ely MN just to see me!
Gramma you can touch me.

I DO like ice cream.
We sure hope we can see you again soon.