Monday, August 11, 2014

Ya!  My pack is heading west to Cable WI to camp and ride the CAMBA trails!
I best stay close, or they might leave me!
 I hate to miss an adventure like this!

My favorite Namakagon Forest Service campground.

We went to the Boedecker RD to start from.
 I think I see riders coming.

We're finally going somewhere!  I'm fresh and stay close.

Its warm today, so I slacked off.

I do love these trails. We're on Seely pass now.

Which is the one way?

We cross the Birkie trail.

I wonder if there will be any kids there?
We do love the gravity cavity!

Some friendly twin city riders.

As we chat, riders go past.

We later bump into more friendly riders and a kid!
You know how I love them!

In the afternoon, we ride again starting from the
Fish hatchery trail head.

Oh dear, its pretty warm out now and I slow down..

Oh good, a cool creek.
We just went for a short run because of the heat.

Back at camp that evening, they cook dinner
while I hunt chipmunks!

 I'll keep watch for him.

Some friendly campers stop by from Boyne City MI
to ride these trails.  Its been a long day and I should have been social,
but I feel asleep!

It was a full moon tonight.

Hey!  This chipmunk went down a hole!

The next morning they cooked pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

I had to go to work and find my own breakfast!

Today we meet the friendly cyclists who camped right next door.
Butch had friendly mutts and this BIG fellow came from another camp site.
We all got to romp together!  Sorry my lam pack didn't get a photo of them!

I love Butch because he'll touch me AND he trains his dogs.
His GF Melissa was very friendly too.

On Sunday morning we start from the
Namakagon township hall.


My favorite dipping stop, Patsy Lake!

See the lake water coming off my belly?

I had such a nice time here hunting,
swimming, running and all.

Namakagon township hall flowers.

My pack breaks camp.
We all had much fun here, socializing, hunting,
camping and all. When will we be back?

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