Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A fine day for more NCT work!

My pack wanted to head to our adopted NCT segment today, but with yesterday's rain we knew it would be too muddy there...not that a trail mutt minds that. So instead we headed down to the Baraga Plains to mow down the trail that we'll blaze with some MTU students in a few weeks. I love students! Mark joined us, and we knocked down the ferns and berries in no time.

Ya, I see the weed whackers are getting readied to go!

Mark clears in front of the sign while Sandy
does the parking lot.

Arly clears around this trail sign.
I'll be inspecting all their work today!

We'll clear the 2.9 miles to Forest Rd. 2200.
 They wear face guards because the branches get shot out like
bullets by these whackers.

Mark gets a going down the trail.

Really, really going.

Arly breaks for blue berries. They are everywhere here!

Looking at what was cleared.

Lots more to do Mark!

Did Arly step in a hole? I best check on him.

Mark's plenty deep in them too.

Just a bit left?
Whacking these ferns out has the benefit of taking the tree shoots out as well.

We fiannly see Sandy coming from the other way!
Oh yeah Mark, I never get touched.

Trail work just makes me giddy!

We stop for snacks.

Won't you share?

All done mowing! Now we head back.

It took this hardy crew 3.5 hours to clear it!


With Mark's help, the work was a breeze.

Back at the car, Mark says, "what kinda swill is this?"

Just try it Mark! "Oh, all right."

"Hey! It IS tasty, cool and refreshing!"

Just a reminder from the Trail Mutt...my favorite
time of year will be here soon!

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