Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Maasto trail brushing begins!

I've been telling my pack that the old trail on top of Swedetown gorge's north side would be very nice to have reopened.
Tuesday morning Mark Roberts and my pack head down
Railroad Ravine to get started.

I'm glad they are finally listening to me!

Since we were here, I told them they just as well clear
the River trail.

Dem darn weeds will be knocked down!

Oh this is pretty, but they'll get whacked down as well.

This is the bottom of Dam hill that they've just cleared.

We take a lunch break on a creek bridge.  I went for a dip!

Mark works his way up Dam hill.
 It's called that because there's a old dam where this trail ends at.

That's looking better!

I found a old rusty dog chain hung here.
Was it a trail mutt's??

Sandy spied an old sign.  I guess this was trail 11!

Lots more to do you people!

Looking better backwards.

More to do ahead.

Arly stirred up a bee's nest here.
They were angry! So I avoided them.

Late in the afternoon we decided that was enough for today
and we hiked out.

I've had enough too.  Least we did get something done.
Would you like to help??  I'd love to see you here!   Just let Arly know at arlyn.aronson (at) gmail

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