Monday, August 18, 2014

Night on Bald Mt. II

 Oh ya, my pack joined Mark and Kathy to camp on Bald mountain located just north east of L'Anse.
We did this last summer too! The 2-leggeds were hoping to glimpse the Perseid meteor shower.
On the trip out, I got sleepy .
 I needed to rest up for all the excitement coming today!

Finally! We made it to our starting spot.

Me and Bella lead the way, as usual.

Trail mutts always know the way .
Or maybe we followed the ribbons tied to trees..

We all carried our packs today.

Me and Bella had a cool dip in the beaver pond before heading to the top of the peak.

Hey! I think I spy vermin over there.

I'm always waiting on these slow pokes.

Up we climb.

We found the path in pretty good shape this year.

Now what are they doing?
Don't they know there's adventure up here?

Up and over logs we climb..

At the top, we set up camp while Mark goes to work
on starting the fire.

Did I mention Mark worked for a while on this fire business?

The spectacular view from our tent.

Way to go Mark!
We won't mention that the magnesium wouldn't work.

Later, we found Mark's gang's old Geo cache.

Maybe the clouds will clear in time for meteor viewing...Bella is skeptical though.

Mark demonstrates how his new phone works up here! .

Meanwhile, I seen someone go down this hole!

I showed them how to anchor with rocks
in case of wind.

Where'd the dogs go?

Me and Bella carefully supervised the steak cooking.
 Mark is cooking mushrooms on the ever-reliable penny stove.

I wouldn't even need mine cooked, ya know.

Maybe Arly will notice how hungry I am.
Guess the view makes him forget.

I'm so glad Mark got it going so we could eat!

We enjoyed another beautiful Keweenaw evening as the
 sun went down.

Hey! I like chocolate too, ya know.

And cookies too!

Well, maybe I'll go dig on that vermin hole more.

We heard and saw night hawks again, like we did a year ago.
They flew right through our camp!

Hey! It did clear off...for a few minutes anyway.

In the morning, we relaxed and made breakfast.

Breakfast is more tasty up here.

I got my pack donned again.

One last check of camp.

Bye bye, bald mountain chippy!

On the way down we spied this red fellow we'd not see before.
Turns out to be a  Scarlet Tanager .
The yellow on his breast means he's beginning to molt into
winter colors.

We stop to check the view from another peak.

Hey! More vermin.

We hike past the beaver pound again.

I don't mind getting this pack off.

On the drive out, we checked out Slate River's falls.

Upstream farther

Quartzite falls

Nice drop - quartzite falls

Veins of quartzite were visible throughout.

This was such a pretty spot!

Then we spied Nessy!

I found her friendly.

Next we stopped at the Silver River falls.

Water eroded memorial

What we missed in meteor viewing we made up for in lots of
other fun with Mark, Kathy, and Bella.
Already, I can't until the 2015 Perseid meteor shower!

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