Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Marks gang heads to Grant and Renee's house to paddle!

They live out on point Abbaye on Huron Bay, NE of  L'Anse that's idea for kayaking and we'd never been on this peninsula before!  This was on Sunday afternoon.
Everyone gathers to make plans.
I see kayak's getting readied for an excursion.

Their very pretty cabin seen from the water.  I'm a water dog you know!

Boats and people get lowered into the bay.

Grant leads the way!  We went SW and down Huron bay.

These two amateurs had never kayaked before!

Kathy in her new kayak.
Back on shore after investigating the
 abandoned Huron Bay Railroad.

I love you Grant.  Ya, no one ever scratches me.

We relax after the returning to their cabin.

Me and Bella tussle some!

We had such a nice time here

I love this place.
Are we coming back to visit them again?  Ya, I love water.


BIG thanks to Renee and Grant for hosting and the wonderful dinner.  And Connie and Mark for the on the water photos.

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