Wednesday, July 30, 2014

North County trail clearing adventures

On Tuesday we headed to our section of the NCT that's located just south of Mass City.
This is the parking lot on Gardner RD.  Someone mowed it!  I thought we'd need to do that.  Was it the Forest service?  Whoever did it, we love you!!
Sandy gets some tools ready.

See those bad-old ferns on the trail?

Gone! And so are the little tree shoots.
This grassy meadow always looks like this by mid summer.

Arly gets to cutting that stink-en grass that's 4ft tall!

Sandy whacks her way down the hill while I inspect her work..

This is looking back at the bridge.
Some people wonder how this can be cut
with just whackers.

These are professional and powerful machines with
special heads that hold large diameter string.

Sandy heads down the trail.

The bridge and meadow was cleared in no time!
 That's why my pack owns machines like these Echo's

Does this section need whacking?  Yes it does!
The little green shoots you see are small trees which the string
will take right out.  If we didn't whack them now,
by next year they'll have grown and become much more work!
With this section done, we take a break!

The next patch to tackle.
See the head that holds larger string?

This is the same patch looking the other way.
Gone like the wind in minutes!
If you'd like to use these whackers for your section,
just let us know! (do take the spacing out)
  arlyn.aronson   @
OK, now we get busy and rebrush blazes and lopp some.

Someone ate this sign
Aren't you going to replace it?

Ya you need to add one there Arly.

I seen a toad!

We finally got to the road.
Some very blue blazing tools.
Would you like a kit like this?  Just ask my pack for one!

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