Friday, July 18, 2014

Jan stops by to visit and ride!

We had a Danish cycle tourist staying here this week.
You know how I never get to see anyone!

Having sweetcorn on our porch.
Jan wanted to see some of our mountain bike trails,
so we took him to  Mi Tech!

He started in Seattle WA in June and was going across the US..

This is on our way back up from Nara.

We had SO MUCH fun!

He did so well, we went down the flow trail too!

Lots of bumps to jump!


We took him down many of our favorite trails
and rode for well over an hour.

Mark came over to eat with us and we toast a great ride!

Mark and Jan chat about the finer points
of rides, skiing and many other fun things to do.

Smart talk continues late into the evening.

Oh dear, I think he's packing his bags.

Are you leaving us??  I hope not!

Maybe I can go with you??

I already miss Jan.. By-by and have fun!
He'll be in Marquette MI tonight.

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