Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cliff Mine adventure hike with Mark's gang!

This hike was Sunday afternoon but we've been to busy to get these posted.  Sorry......
We cross the creek and head towards the cliff.

Poor rock piles everywhere!

Cliff mine started around 1845 and its
history can be found here.

Now we start up.

Its a bit of a climb to get up to the top.

We make the top.

This is a basalt rock outcrop.  Looking west.

Looking down at Cliff drive and ponds.

Use all-paw drive people!

We hiked to many overlooks along the ridge.  Me and Bella are brave....

Up here, we find the Buddhist prayer tree.

We stop for snacks.

Looking east.  Is that Central?
We investigate mine ruins after climbing back down.

I'm so glad you got us out Mark.  I hardly ever get out!
After the cliff hike, we stopped at the cemetery.
We go this way!  Trail mutts know this stuff.

The gang contemplate the short lives many
people who are buried here had.

Thimble berry's are doing well.

I think the people of Clifton had a hard live.

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  1. We visited this area several years ago. Thank you for the photos today.