Saturday, July 12, 2014

Visiting world touring cyclist, Music on the menu and trail hike!

It's been a busy, busy week for me!
My pack is on what's called "The warm shower list"
so each summer cyclists passing through the area
contact us and ask to stay the night.
You know how I love cyclists!
This week we hosted Louis Brockotter who's Dutch.
He started his touring in Chile and has been
riding his way up. Here is his blog and it's in Dutch
but has many, many great photos in it.  Like my blog!

Ya, cyclists are always good for some scratching.

Ya, I do need to socialize now and then.

On Friday we went down to the library to again see "music on the Menu".. You know I hardy ever get out!
Oh good - friendly kids!

Are you a Princes or Ballerina?

Ya, you can touch me too.

  Performing today was the The Backroom Boys starring
John Munson, Bob Norden, Oren Tikkanen, Belinda Mattfolk
and Bob Hiltunen.  They are so good!

Good crowd today!
Music was moved inside today because of rain.

I love your mom too!

I got to see Chris and Esme.

Mark wanted to check out the middle bridge.


On Thursday, I was to the Keweenaw Veterinary Clinic to have my teeth cleaned but Arly, Mark, Samir, and Bella walked on the trails to check them out.  Samir wants to clear a section this summer.  I love anyone who helps do that!

With Samir's help, we might reopen some old trails.

Thanks to Mark's trusty GPS, they didn't get lost.

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