Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sandy had Tuesday off and it rained!  After it cleared that afternoon, we headed south to hike more of the NCT we'd not seen before.

We parked on NFS road 2270.
Parking lots should be mowed and cleared of debris.

A skeleton tree?

We went west and hoped to hike to where we had
started at a month ago.

Gromit's glad to see painted blazes.

A cool stream to rest in.

This corner may need to be marked as such.
In fact a few here needed corner blazing.

Water dogs do like to run in it.

A hiker register box!  We had no idea it was out here.

I smelled a strange red fungus here!

Another creek!  I love this section!

Oh, oh.

We continued west on the forest road from here.
This parking lot needed signage and whacking.

The FS road had no blazes except this one where we turned off.
Branches may need to be trimmed back!

This section had much logging debris left on the trail.

We didn't know which way to go here.

More blazes that needed lopping to be seen.
On this section we found very few blazes in general and hard to follow.

More trees across it.

Out the other end!
The remaining photos are from the return trip.

Hummmmm this blaze is not facing hikers.

I think we need a sawyer out here.

This section was pretty well marked.

We made it back.  Trail mutts are glad to get out at all!

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