Wednesday, July 16, 2014

North Country Trail investigative hike!

On Tuesday we planed to work on our section of the NCT but the rain we got overnight dampened that grand idea.  So we thought we'd check out a section the Tech students are predicted to help us clear just after school starts this fall.  We'd not seen it before and just hiking would be less sensitive to it being wet.
I check the parking lot out! This is south and west of L'Anse.

Now we're going!
This area was cut over some years ago.

Good thing we'll have students to help clear these!

Gee, maybe we need to mow!

Some locations we couldn't see where to go.

Back in the taller woods..

Oh dear, we didn't know where to go again!.

Tree's we'll need to remove.

Can you see the blaze?

A closer veiw. There it is!

Many more trees have fallen across.

Lost the trail again.

These old blazes do not face the path.

We seen some waist high cuts made here.
We finally get to forest road 2240 and out!

The road sign.

These lame people forgot to bring me a water bottle
so they gave me water from their thermos cup.

We took the forest road back
and stopped at this overlook.
The views were speculator!

The road  back was quiet and we never seen one car.

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