Friday, July 11, 2014

Day three. Grand finale of fun!

Ya! I love camp -n- ride vacations.
I spied a blue blaze at NCT here.

For our morning ride, we headed to the trail head
on Boedeker RD.

We wanted to ride the northern section of Seeley Pass.

I LOVE these trails!

Fast, fun, and flowy.

We were both getting hot.

High Point trail.

At the county line.

High point of today's ride.
Didn't see no ski jump though.

They went down the Gravity Cavity and made me do the bypass back.  They thought I was getting  tooooo warm.

They said it was lots of fun.

No streams for me to lay in today.

The lame 2-leggeds need a map...
trail mutts always know the way to adventure!!

Back at the car, I had to cool off underneath.

At camp, I had a cooling dip in the you
can see I'm dry and fluffy again.

Once again, they ate the food my food eats.

But then...a yummy pork chop! I got the scraps.

On the way home, we stopped in Ashland
and saw a pretty pocket park.

Then, closer to home, we had lunch at O.J.'s rest stop.
We had such a nice holiday weekend!

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