Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday North County Trail blazing adventures!

My pack and Sarah (I love her!) came with me to blaze and clear a bit of the NTC we care for.
I supervised, as usual.
 Here we are "brushing-up" blazes that were
painted last summer.

Here I show new and old blazes.

Arly shows how to protect lips from the sun.
My black lips don't need no sunscreen!

We stop for lunch.

Sandy checks my paws.

Does she know I like cookies?

Guess not!

Sarah scrapes a tree clean with her hatchet.

Use lots of paint!

Ya, it looks nice.

I approve!

We got lots more to do!

Is Arly getting silly with the paint? Must be the heat.

I don't know, but least we got some trail cleared and marked today!
We'll be back on Tuesday July 29th if you'd care to join us.
Just email my pack at  arlyn.aronson (at sign)

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