Monday, July 14, 2014

North Country trail blazing workshop, Water-n-hikes with kids!

Sunday morning my pack loaded the car and headed west to the O-Kun-de-Kun falls were we'd meet people and demonstrate how to paint blaze trees on the NCT.
We got there a few minutes early and did some trail clearing.

We get started with Mark marking the 1st tree. (pun intended)
Not seen was the trees cleaning before it was painted.

Ya Mark, use lots of paint.
They spoke about basic trail clearing, not just blazing.

Jim, Neal and Grant chat about the finer points of a
well marked trail. You'll not see this in the photos but
much lopping has done and thought as to which trees are
best to use.  Then properly cleaning & scrapping them so the blaze
will last..  Its much more involved than people think!!

Ellyn says "we should mark that tree".
They did such a nice job today! 

Back at the falls parking lot, Grant says goodby.
I'll be hosting another trail blazing seminar soon,
so let us know if you'd like to attend!   Woof!

And we eat our lunch as we wait for hikers to arrive.

 Richelle and her kids came to hike with us!   You know how I love kids!
Me hanging out with kids, that's what I like!


We go this way!

Sometimes Josie just wanders off the path.

At the top of the falls,
a worried mother ushers them away from the edge.

I got a cool dip in here.

We stop for snacks.

Me and Sam check out the NCT bridge and this pond for frogs

Mark and Sandy check it for wear and tear.

This rock has a blue blaze painted on it!

We seen many, many friendly kids here today.

Ya you can check my ear out.  No-one ever touch's me!

Josie and mom wade across.

I'm not sure who you are, but you can pet me to.


Mark checks out the concrete added to stabilize the
sand stone under the bridge.

Afterwards, we went to Rockland for dinner and
checked their weather station out.

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